“It's in my nature to transform things”


Des Palettos is the project in which Francesco Pandolfi combines his two-fold passion as a designer and an artist expressing particular sensitivity towards topics relating to nature and the concept of sustainability.

The years in which Francesco attended the Academy of Fine Arts and New Technologies in Rome led him to encounter the world of visual arts. From those years, he truly cherished his studies on geometry, graphic and interior design, that threw open the doors of creativity for him.

His manual skills recall a period of his childhood in which he already started to realise the infinite ways in which wood could be transformed. Alongside this there was also his curiosity and ability to discover beauty in simple things. His encounter with Navajo art, art deco and the influence of Escher sparked off the idea to create the Des Palettos collection.

His first creation dates back to 2017: since then, Francesco has designed wall art of a transformative nature with requests coming from all over the world. He says: “every time that one of my pieces of wall art is travelling, I feel like I am travelling too: when it reaches its destination, it’s as if a part of me starts a new experience elsewhere.”

Des Palettos
Des Palettos