Material, Creativity, Sentiment


Des Palettos is the Italian project that reclaims the soul of wood in order to give it infinite life.

The eclectic green workshop in which Francesco Pandolfi creates innovative combinations of design, art and recycled material. Exclusive geometric works of art are achieved from single strips of reclaimed wood, interpreting the concept of the mosaic in an innovative style; generating 3D optical effects and promote new forms of furnishings.

The wood has been entirely reclaimed in Umbria, where the artist lives, boasting a wealth of woodland and mountains: these are precisely the inspiration behind the collection of works of art and furnishing accessories made of wood destined to be left to perish, found in derelict working areas, insensitive to its fragility: the reclamation, care and recycling of the material becomes a symbol of the strong bond between man and nature.

The collections and custom-made projects derive from a patient work of tessellation: from strips of wood – that are cut and pieced together by hand – unique works of art and installations come to life in order to decorate and cover walls, to enhance the value of and re-invent furniture and bookshelves, to personalise any type of space. All of these perfectly blend with items of modern design, Scandinavian, vintage, minimalist, ethnic and rustic styles.

Des Palettos always creates evocative atmospheres: the geometrical shapes attract your attention, the 3D optical illusions create fantastic, infinite scenarios while the colours spread warmth and energy.