Recycling has a fantastic story to tell


Des Palettos originates from the concept of deep listening to nature: every type of wood, with its unique, enchanting grain, resembles a melody; it is just like an old, forgotten sound that has lost its sheen and verve, the designer fine-tunes its high and low notes, cleaning up its sound quality to make it more in line with current times and fill it with emotions.

The collections and the custom-made design service also provide a furnishing solution for those who are seeking new inspiration, an alternative to industrial production. In fact, the artist gives life to a particular production chain based on principles of care and tenderness towards the material: through his work, Francesco maintains any signs of aging left on the wood, enhancing its perfect imperfection.

I like to think that through my hands, wood can receive a special kind of energy that will accompany it through the entire duration of its new lease of life.

Each creation is exclusive because each time, it originates from a different kind of reclaimed wood, each of which reflects the special relationship between man and material: just as with everything he cherishes, the artist places himself at the disposal of the wood in order to recycle it in an irreplicable way.

Des Palettos always gifts you with a piece of living, recycled nature, that has so much to tell: it will be a pleasure to tune in.