Inspiration meets space

Would you like to discover custom-made Des Palettos? A special, customised design service that fully respects environments, spaces, measurements and colours.
Francesco Pandolfi’s flair for designing according to his customer’s instructions makes him a point of reference on an international level, bringing a new philosophy of furnishings and of enhancing the value of interior design in all kinds of environments. The made-to-measure design service reveals his profound capacity to create while fulfilling his customers’ needs and wishes.


Original wall-based projects in search of an author

Are you an architect or an interior designer? Just like you, I believe that design is a synonym of uniqueness, personality, expression. If you are seeking innovation and new collaborations, this is what I can do for you: I design custom-made creations for the outfitting and decoration of all sizes of walls.

With Des Palettos you integrate creations that bring a great deal of innovation into your interior design project as a result of entirely eco-sustainable wood reclamation processes with an impressive visual impact: they focus on optical effects that capture attention and evoke sensations of depth.

You can get me involved in all stages of the working process, from the design of the creative concept to the actual implementation of the project or only in the executive stage.