From the treehouse to Des Palettos


A little about myself

Hi, I’m Francesco, a craftsman 2.0, a manufacturer of original and sought-after works of art and design.

I am a creative savvy, I love to discover the beauty of simple objects we use daily, I adore the diversity of used materials that bear the signs of time and retain their imperfections; I consider this to be a wealth that needs to be brought to light and be treasured. Every day, I commit myself to bringing out all the uniqueness of this material, and, for this very reason, in my work I try to give a second lease of life to all types of wood following the logic of creative recycling.

Paying painstaking attention to detail enables me to offer a perfectly imperfect object and it is this that makes my works of art, Des Palettos, so unique and extraordinary.


My professional development


I attended the Academy of Fine Arts and New Technologies in Rome; I have always been very fond of art, but in that period, I was particularly astonished by geometry as well as graphic and interior design: disciplines that I studied in-depth and which have thrown open the doors of creativity for me.

I had cultivated an interest towards wood and its wide range of uses since I was a child, when I used to imagine treehouses and tried building them. I had rather good manual skills and I enjoyed spending endless hours among wood and sticks.

Staying in contact with nature has always been one of my primary needs: also when I worked in the office, as soon as I could, I tried to immerse myself in nature-related activities.

In one of those moments, while I was in search of greenery, I started to nurture a stronger sensitivity to the topic of environmental protection and creative recycling.

It wouldn’t be a lie if I told you that the idea for Des Palettos was sparked off by my encounter with Navajo art that has since inspired and guided me.

All the experience I have gained so far, much of what I believe in as well as a great deal of what I like is all condensed into Des Palettos.


How I work


I have great respect for wood, and for this reason, the entire manufacturing process is carried out by hand; I use electric tools only if it is absolutely necessary as, in this way, the wood preserves its original characteristics and typical natural appearance.

My work starts with the wood reclamation stage: I find it in old houses, warehouses, building sites, streets and then I take it back to the workshop.

The conception stage is a rich, variegated moment that requires so much inspiration: the tool I use is a special notebook in which I draw motifs and patterns for new projects.

The design stage takes place either in my studio, in the park near my home or in the mountains: these are magical locations as they enable me to immerse myself in nature, to breathe and live it as well as to draw great inspiration from everything around me.

In the workshop, the wood is processed, cut and its value is enhanced: every wood strip has its own unique character, a different texture and colour of its own; my task is to bring out the particular features of every wood type as each one of them is special in its own way.

I only use natural or water-based colours, I study the cultures of other populations to understand how they carried out their ancient colouring processes and bring them back into current use.

For example, to obtain black, I follow an ancient Japanese wood charring technique – Shou Sugi Ban – that, in addition to being a unique chromatic treatment, it is also used to protect the wood itself.

I also like that the life wood has experienced: I also leave the signs left by previous use and the nail holes to speak for themselves, they rightfully become part of the design and beauty of the work of art.

Francesco Pandolfi

Look closely at the Palettos!