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Ominotago is a decorative objet d’art made from reclaimed wood: designed and handmade, it is ideal for those who are moved by the irregular grain and texture of wood and is hand-brushed to further enhance them.

It is characterised by the colours that go from light to dark hues passing through warm, natural tones.

Its beaten copper insert gives prestige to the work of art, the black hue is achieved by charring wood, while its natural, unpolished finish, preserves the same magic we find in woods and forests.

It can be either horizontally or vertically hung on the wall, or together with other elements: give your home a touch of style with Ominotago!

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20,5 x 27 x 3,5 cm

Since reclaimed materials are used, the wood tones/colors may vary slightly from the one shown in the figure.


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