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Maka is a decorative picture made from wood that could also be used as a coffee table top: designed and handmade from reclaimed wood, it is rectangular in shape, it has nuances of colour that range between light tones in the external part of the work of art and dark ones in the internal part, created by alternating different coloured strips of wood.

The surface of the black strips of wood has been charred: this technique not only gives the wood its characteristic colour, it also preserves and protects it over time.

Since only reclaimed wood is used, the tones of the wood vary from piece to piece: therefore, each Maka is both unique and always different.

Fill your environment with the positive energy of Maka!

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31,5 x 61,5 x 3,5 cm

Since reclaimed materials are used, the wood tones/colors may vary slightly from the one shown in the figure.

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