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Koi is a handcrafted decoration made from reclaimed wood inspired by Navajo tapestries: the black background is created by using the Japanese surface charring technique Shou Sugi Ban that preserves the wood over time, giving it this extremely particular colour.
In the centre, it has a beaten copper core enriching it with charm.

It is an ideal objet d’art if you wish to decorate the walls of your home or your bookcase with something artisanal, rustic and eco-friendly. It recalls the ethnic, South-western style.

The colours and finishes can be personalised while also maintaining the same design.

Welcome it into your home and allow it to have a second lease of life!

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23 x 36 x 3,5 cm

Since reclaimed materials are used, the wood tones/colors may vary slightly from the one shown in the figure.

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