Hey! Welcome to the world of Des Palettos!


Des Palettos is the artisanal workshop in which I create works of art and furnishing accessories with reclaimed wood: each item has its own, different story to be told; it is handmade, painstaking attention has been paid to its creation and it has a minimum impact on the environment.

I re-invent the identity of wood strips that I creatively recycle to make decorative pictures, customised table tops, headboards and food boxes.

Using my hands, I transform something apparently useless into something that is alive, useful and beautiful. I bring out the soul of material that does not seem to have a future use, and yet it still has so much to give, and to say.

I consider each type of wood, with its own unique, captivating texture, a melody: it is just like an old forgotten sound that has lost its sheen and its verve, I fine-tune its high and low notes, cleaning up its sound quality to make it more in line with current times and full of emotion.


Here are the Palettos!


Palettos are geometric, eco-friendly pictures, with an integrated frame, ready to be hung on the wall and that can be also used as furnishing accessories, to decorate a bookcase, placed on shelves, bedside tables, desks, to embellish a wall together with photos and other pictures. I drew inspiration from the textile motifs of ancient populations; if you listen carefully, you will be able also to hear the art deco influences.


My home, your home


This project originates from the need to furnish both my home and your home with truly unique, artisanal items while keeping a careful eye on the environment.

In fact, the Des Palettos contribute towards naturalising, heating and characterising the environments in every home.

What do they go well with? Due to their very nature, Des Palettos blend well with modern design, Scandinavian, vintage, minimal, ethnic or rustic styles.




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